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Ferrari Happenings

Bologna, 15th June 1998.

Today, Michael Schumacher's manager Willi Weber summarised his client's annual income in an interview with Bologna's weekly magazine "Rumble".

According to Willi Weber, Schumacher's income in 1998 is estimated at 200 billion Italian liras. Michael Schumacher earns more than 40 billion liras from Scuderia Ferrari annually until the end of 1998. He receives another 20 billion liras from his personal sponsors (Omega watches, Nike footwear, Shell, Technogym, Dekra, OMP, etc.)

But most of his annual income comes from the turnover of the "Michael Schumacher Collection". Together with his manager Willi Weber, Schumacher set up an enormous collection of Michael Schumacher related items such as caps, flags etc. All these items can be ordered from Pole Position Marketing's "Michael Schumacher Magazin". Although PPM runs the Michael Schumacher Collection, Schumacher himself is said to earn 20% of the annual turnover.

Acknowledgement : Jeremy van der Horst.

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