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550 Maranello Breaks World Speed Records

Columbus, Ohio

The 550 Maranello has established three new speed records over a distance of 100 kilometres, 100 miles, and in one hour.

The records are:

100 km:304.1 km/h (188.98 mph)
100 miles:306.037 km/h (190.168 mph)
1 hour:296.168 km/h (184.1 mph)

The records were set using a standard road car, improving those previously set in the prototype category (5000 to 8000 cc) held by a Chevrolet Corvette, with records of 278.164 km/h (100 km), 282.601 km/h (100 miles) and 280.843 km/h (1 hour). Two journalists took turns at the wheel: the American Csaba Csere and the Italian Duilio Truffo.

Csere, who set the quickest lap time (2.20.19) with an average speed of 320 km/h, said after the record run: "This was a fantastic day. It is always special to drive a Ferrari, but setting three records in an afternoon is incredibly exciting. The 550 Maranello behaved impeccably and to drive so consistently at these speeds for such a long time was an unforgettable experience."

During the attempt, only one pit stop was made, at which point the drivers changed over, the car was refuelled and the Michelin tyres were changed.

The 550 Maranello which ran on a 12 kilometre oval at the Transportation Research Center, was as sold to the public except for the following modifications: Carozzeria Scaglietti sports kit (stiffer shock absorbers, helicoidal springs, modified steering), infra-red tyre temperature control system, special OMP roll over bar, sports seats with four point harness, automatic fire extinguisher, rapid refuelling system and additional electronic pump in the event of failure of the power steering or brake servo.

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